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A tale of two labour markets: following a couple of underperforming years, highest earners now enjoy annual pay growth of 10%, while lowest earners see just a 1% rise
August 8, 2022

In the months since the cost-of-living crisis has come into focus, wage growth statistics have become of particular interest.  Two prevalent yet opposing narratives have emerged. One focuses on the significant bargaining power held by employees as they take advantage of the tight labour market to negotiate record pay rises and generous bonuses. The other

Women’s Euro 2022 tournament has directly supported £152 million of expenditure, fuelled by England’s success
July 29, 2022

This weekend brings the final of the Women’s Euro 2022 tournament, as England face Germany. After the men’s team finished just short in last year’s European Championships, this marks a second major final in as many summers for England’s representatives. Success has not only been limited to the pitch, however, with hosting the tournament generating

Can the UK afford tax cuts? Net tax receipts in 2024/25 (even after allowing for additional spending) will be £60 billion more than the Chancellor’s calculations imply
July 18, 2022

The election campaign for leader of the Conservative party has been lit up by most candidates promising tax cuts. Obviously, Chancellor Sunak, who is bound by his policies as Chancellor, has been less able to join in but even he has promised tax cuts when possible. Meanwhile much of the commentariat (including Cebr spokespersons) have

How rising shipping costs have hindered the UK’s attempts to boost exports outside the EU
July 11, 2022

The UK’s trade figures have been buffeted of late by changes of definition and accounting practices, large flows of ‘erratics’, rising energy and commodity prices and rising shipping costs. This hasn’t inhibited zealots on all sides from claiming that they ‘prove’ that either Brexit has not been a failure (few go so far as to

Recession risk in Europe rises to 40% as Putin turns off the gas
July 4, 2022

Last week, Germany triggered stage two of its emergency gas plan, following a significant reduction in Russian gas exports to the Eurozone’s largest economy. Russia’s state energy company Gazprom cut exports through the NordStream 1 pipeline by around 60% and planned maintenance downtime July is widely considered a convenient opportunity for Putin to shut the

Home rental prices rise by more than 10% for new contracts, but Cebr expects cost-of-living pressures to lead to slower growth next year
June 27, 2022

It’s not a great time to move to a new rented home. The average rent agreed for new contracts rose by 10.6% across the UK in the year to May 2022, with prices in London rising the fastest – at 15.7%1. This is considerably up on rent increases at the same time last year when

There is scope for cooperation between China and the West – we have a suggestion to help improve relations…
June 20, 2022

Amidst global economic volatility, China seems to be struggling to maintain its course. Economists have slashed growth forecasts for the mainland, with the most pessimistic hovering at around 2% for 2022, a far cry from the 5.5% Beijing projected earlier this year. The strongest economic headwind of all is China’s ‘Covid-zero’ strategy. Harsh, targeted yet

Rail and tube strikes to cause hit of at least £91m to the UK economy, with London set to suffer the biggest output loss
June 10, 2022

This week, the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union announced a national three-day strike across the UK rail network. The strike, which is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 21st, Thursday 23rd and Saturday 25th June and cover over 40,000 rail workers across the UK, comes following fraught negotiations over jobs, pay and pensions. According to

Chancellor wakes up to the need for targeted cost-of-living support, but this may only be a temporary plaster
May 27, 2022

Yesterday’s announcement by Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer, signals that the Government is waking up to the extreme challenges faced by many UK households as prices continue to soar. All in all, the May 2022 Cost of Living Support package represents a generous intervention, which will particularly help the most vulnerable households in keeping

Hybrid working has reduced commuter rail demand, perhaps forever, but the Elizabeth Line can still help ‘level up’ struggling parts of London
May 23, 2022

The Elizabeth line will finally open on 24 May, three and a half years later than originally planned. Back in 2018, when it was due to open, the overriding concern was that rail infrastructure was not keeping up with commuter demand into central London and was choking the capital’s economic growth. But in a post-Covid, hybrid

Yorkshire Building Society – Inflation Nation
May 18, 2022

Download the full report here Cebr was commissioned by Yorkshire Building Society to examine the current financial resilience of households across the UK. With the economy still recovering from damage sustained during the pandemic, and the tax burden increasing for many households, ongoing rises in inflation could not have come at a worse time. Average

The MPC is being forced to accept inflation five times its target rate. This will have long term consequences for its credibility.
May 16, 2022

In February 2021 the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Report predicted an inflation peak of 2.1%. In May 2021 the forecast peak was raised to 2.3%. In August 2021, acknowledging that inflation was already 2.5% and above the previously forecast peak, the new forecast peak was raised to 4.0%. In November 2021, noting that inflation

Sidetrade reveals B2B global payment trends from its unique Data Lake with an industry-first predictive payment intelligence map of 20.7 million companies worldwide
May 4, 2022

Data aggregated and anonymized from over 593 million B2B transactions worth $4.6 trillion, from 20.7 million buying companies worldwide Global payment trends over the last three years revealed: US companies tenth in the world for lengthy payment delays UK and Ireland among top five worst in Europe for payment delays Economists at Cebr say increasing

Passport chaos: Delayed passport applications are set to cost UK holiday makers over £1.1 billion this summer in cancelled trips
May 2, 2022

Just as the last of the Covid-related travel restrictions have eased both in the UK and in popular holiday destinations, a new problem has emerged for hopeful travellers – passport processing delays. In 2020 and 2021, more than five million people delayed applying for a renewal as they were not planning international travel in the

The Economic Impact of Real-Time Payments
April 27, 2022

Download the full report here Cebr was commissioned by ACI Worldwide to conduct research into the economic impact of real-time payments, across a sample of thirty major global economies. Real-time payments have the potential to revolutionise the way that funds are circulated across the economy by delivering payments near instantaneously, subsequently promoting economic growth, efficiency,

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