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Macroeconomic forecasting

World Economic League Table

Since its first publication in 2009, Cebr’s World Economic League Table (known as the WELT) has established itself as the go to measure of the comparative economic success of different countries.

Media of all kinds around the world eagerly await the release of the latest issue every Boxing Day and it invariably receives huge coverage throughout the world. The WELT is calculated by estimating the current year GDP in current price dollars for each of over 190 world economies, and then forecasting real GDP, inflation and exchange rates for each country over the next 15 years.

WELT 2024

WELT 2024 from Boxing Day here:

Cebr has a range of reports and data solutions to help inform your organisation’s decision-making

The Prospects Service

The Prospects Service is Cebr’s flagship subscription service, designed to provide clear and timely data on both the UK and global economies.

This is achieved through a series of authoritative reports as well as access to a dedicated team of macroeconomists to discuss ways the economy is going to impact on your organisation in the short, medium and long term. Members of the service value its insights, accuracy and concise format which is suitable for a time-constrained executive. We have consistently been ahead of other analysts in both the public and private sectors in our ability to understand and anticipate the global economy’s evolution and change.

The Prospects Service includes:

Rapid response “As It Happens” commentary and analysis of key economic data releases

A weekly “Need to Know” roundup of key economic events

Exclusive early access to a weekly “Forecasting Eye” opinion piece on the latest economic topics and debates

Monthly reports and forecasts on the UK economy, housing market, consumer economy and global economy

A quarterly report and forecasts for the UK’s cities and regions

A databank of economic statistics and forecasts (updated monthly)

Ongoing email and telephone support

10 hours of economist time per subscription year

Sample reports from The Prospects Service

Please click below to download

Sample ‘As It Happens’ report

Sample ‘UK prospects’ report

The Prospects Service Databank

Individual reports and forecasts are also available for purchase.

The report contains

the following sections:

A global economic overview

Exploring the main developments we expect to shape the economic outlook in the upcoming year

League tables

A series of league tables with the country rankings

Individualised country reports

Finally, the main section is a series of individualised country reports, with tables for each country.

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