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Our approach

Business solutions

Cebr provides business solutions, using economics as a means to an end.
Based on detailed and robust forecasts and analysis, we help clients:

Take informed decisions;

Establish themselves as thought leaders in their specialist areas;

Generate media coverage;

Get their opinions across to government or other stakeholders.

Independent economic forecasting and analysis

Use our economic expertise and independent forecasts to understand and communicate complex issues

Since 1991 the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) has supplied independent economic forecasting and analysis to hundreds of private firms and public organisations.

Forecasting and Thought Leadership

Award-winning forecasts and reports

Our Forecasting and Thought Leadership team delivers award-winning forecasts of the UK and global economies, helping our clients stay ahead of the game in anticipating future economic developments and how these developments are likely to impact their businesses. The team is also responsible for the production of a wide range of economic tracker reports which have allowed our clients to demonstrate thought leadership and garner considerable press coverage.

Economic Advisory

Helping clients solve problems using economics

We provide independent advice to public and private sector clients, covering areas such as economic impact analysis, economic simulations, policy analysis, market sizing and technical validations. Our tools can be applied across a number of different industries – including tech, retail, energy, maritime, financial services, international trade, manufacturing, agriculture, mining – as well as many other areas.

Environment, Infrastructure and Local Growth

We provide innovative, evidence-based solutions to private and public sector clients in a range of areas, including investment appraisal and evaluation, strategic policy analysis and scheme development. The economic concepts and methods we use offer powerful insights not only into a wide range of transport contexts but also other areas of policy and strategy, including digital connectivity, housing and economic development. A particular strength is in analysing how technology, new working patterns and emerging social and cultural factors can be expected to influence future infrastructure requirements The team also applies our range of economic capabilities to the energy sector, covering electricity, oil & gas, green fuels, energy efficiency and emissions, and links with our transportation and housing experts to cover issues such as electric vehicles, smart meters and energy consumption.

Research, analysis, forecasting and bespoke consultancy

These services are provided to individual companies, trade associations, government agencies and NGOs covering:

Socio-economic impact modelling and analysis

Economic contribution to national and regional economies

Public policy analysis and reports

Forecasts and data analysis

Brand awareness and thought leadership

Promotion and dissemination of the results of analysis

Project finance support

Clear communication

We pride ourselves on an ability to communicate complex economics clearly and concisely.

The findings of our reports are presented in such a way that the key takeaways and figures can be understood quickly and easily, this helps businesses contribute to the public debate and inform key stakeholders of the facts. Our economists help to promote reports and frequently do interviews across all the different media outlets to explain research and answer questions. We’re also delighted to give speeches and presentations at launch events.

Our ethics

Cebr works objectively and will not say anything on behalf of a client unless we would have been happy to say it independently and unpaid.

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