Our Approach

Covering all the bases – but innovative where no roadmaps exist.
Cebr features an award-winning macroeconomic consulting team which continually monitors the outlook for the UK and global economies.


Big Picture

We understand the big picture and are unafraid to think innovatively, eschewing conventional economic wisdom if it fails to explain what is really happening in the world and developing new methods rather than sticking to theoretical dogma or models that don’t reflect complex economic reality. The proof is in the award-winning forecasts.


We work closely with clients and continually strive to improve our understanding as the economy evolves. We are data-driven and use evidence extensively, employing a wide range of economic indicators to understand developments in the global and UK economies.


Innovative approach

Meanwhile, our microeconomic consulting team has extensive experience in applying economics to the levels of individual firms and whole industries and has led the way with innovative approaches to economic and public policy impact analysis and transport scheme appraisal.


We have built on the work of Nobel Prize-winning thought to develop our input-output models for economic impact analysis at sector, regional and individual firm levels and in order to enhance our transport project appraisal capabilities.


We have extensive experience of economic impact studies, having worked across a wide range of sectors including, to name but a few, arts & culture, affordable housing, postal services, betting shops, alcohol, tobacco and tourism.


Clear communications

We pride ourselves on an ability to communicate complexity clearly and concisely.


We see our role as translating sometimes complex economics into clearly communicable findings that help businesses, contribute to the public debate and help inform key stakeholders of the facts.

Our ethics

Cebr works objectively, and will not say anything on behalf of a client unless we would have been happy to say it independently and unpaid.


View our ethics policy here.