Our Services

Economics is the tool we use to open the can….then we focus on the heart of the matter.


Cebr provides business solutions, using economics as a means to an end.
Based on detailed and robust forecasts and analysis, we help clients:

  • Take informed decisions;
  • Establish themselves as ‘thought leaders’ in their specialist areas;
  • Get their opinions across to government or other stakeholders.

We have saved (and made) our clients lots of money, helped them decide the best investment strategy, ensured their voices are heard in Westminster and created exceptional PR and media coverage.



Our macroeconomics consultancy team delivers award-winning forecasts of the UK and global economies, helping our clients stay ahead of the game in anticipating future economic developments and how these developments are likely to impact their businesses. The macroeconomics consultancy team is also responsible for the production of a wide range of economic tracker reports which have allowed our clients to demonstrate thought leadership and garner considerable press coverage. We produce the Asda Income Tracker, the BDO Business Trends report, the VocaLink Take Home Pay Index, among others.



Our microeconomics consultancy team is currently one of the UK’s strongest and has advised several government departments as well as FTSE and multi-national firms on communications, rail travel, wind power, fuel pricing, tourism, cloud computing, Big Data, online retail, insurance, commercial real estate, house prices and affordable housing, congestion, quality management control and health provision.


We are relatively unique in being able to credibly model the future economic impact of new technologies. Key example: the economic future of wind farms was a question mark until 2012 when Cebr provided the (positive) answer which was then greeted wholeheartedly by Whitehall within three days.