Speeches, Seminars & Events

Cebr’s speciality is the clear communication of its economic findings and its knowledge of a wide variety of aspects of the economy.  Staff are much in demand to present their findings, or to give speeches on the applicability of the economy to individual sectors or audiences.


Cebr personnel are regularly invited to speak on economics themes, or about specific projects, at client and other events.
We also run invitation-only seminars and occasional breakfast meetings on economics topics for clients.


You can browse our site for releases about speeches which have been given.


If you are interested in commissioning or attending such events, please call or contact us and we will get back to you.


Douglas McWilliams, as Gresham Professor of Commerce, also gave public lectures at venues in the City of London. Further details of these, and full transcripts, are available at Gresham Professorship, and any upcoming public events will be advertised in the Events section on the Home page.