One-stop economics for private and public sector

Cebr is one of UK’s leading independent economics consultancies and is renowned for its commentary and forecasts on the national and global economies.


Insights and analysis

We provide insights and analysis which feed into company management at the strategy, insight and finance levels with the aim of helping businesses understand how the economic environment will impact on their organisational performance, and where the future risks and opportunities are likely to be.


Consultancy services

We provide economic consultancy services to a diverse range of sectors, for example; some of the UK’s leading supermarkets, one of the largest global cosmetics companies, one of the largest global food manufacturers, major financial institutions and insurers, and one of the world’s largest and most recognised mining multinationals.



As well as providing consultancy services to help inform our clients’ business strategies, Cebr is also heavily involved in research aimed at shaping government policy debates and helping companies get their opinions across to government, using economic argument to strengthen their cases.


In recent months we have helped companies and individuals bring down the top rate of income tax in the UK, put an end to proposed parking charges in the West End and force fuel duty cuts all with powerful arguments and figures and workings the Treasury understands.