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October 1, 2014

Cebr in the News

Cebr’s analysis of the referendum vote: 


Cebr’s study calculated that an independent Scotland would start with a deficit of at least 6.4% and was covered by Bloomberg NewsBloomberg ViewCity AMNBC News and the Sunday Times.


Other analysis of the economic implications of an independent Scotland by Cebr made it into the FT Adviser and City AM.


Economist Danae Kyriakopoulou was interviewed by CCTV America the day before the referendum results were announced. She gave her view on the potential currency options for an independent Scotland.


After the No-vote was announced, Cebr’s Head of Macroeconomics Scott Corfe evaluated the potential economic outcomes of devo-max and this was featured on the front page of the Sunday Telegraph Business Section.


Cebr’s bespoke reports in the media: 


Cebr’s report commissioned by the Solar Trade AssociationSolar Powered Growth in the UK, which calculated the potential economic benefits of investments in solar PV, was covered by the Daily Mail, Greenwise Business, and Business Green, and generated 168 tweets and retweets on the day of its release.


Relish and Cebr’s report which revealed the poor state of broadband for London’s SMEs was commented on in a feature piece by the Daily Telegraph.


The Daily Telegraph  reported Cebr and Lloyd’s Bank‘s calculation that foreign workers add £210 billion to the UK economy, with over 40% of UK ‘inpats’ working in London and contributing significantly to London’s economy.


Cebr’s Economic Forecasts and Analysis in the News: 


Scott Corfe’s comments on Cebr’s downward revision of house prices due to the negative impact of the Scottish referendum on foreign demand for property, especially in London, was the subject of a feature piece in the Sunday Times.


Alasdair Cavalla’s assessment of Eurozone unemployment and consumer price inflation for July 2014, was covered by the Guardian and Guardian Business Blogs.


The Sunday Telegraph featured Scott Corfe’s assessment that a struggling eurozone, as the UK’s largest trading partner, will hinder the UK’s ability to rectify the current account deficit.


The Sunday Times Money Section quoted Rob Harbron and Scott Corfe’s analysis of the mansion tax as disproportionately hitting London, with 88% of the properties to pay the tax located in the capital.


Danae Kyriakopoulou’s analysis of eurozone unemployment and consumer price inflation for August and September 2014 respectively, was used in a live Guardian business blog.


Regular Cebr reports in the media: 


ICAEW’s global economic insight reports are produced in conjunction with Cebr. This month, ICAEW’s Economic Insight: Middle East Q3 2014, cautioned that developing a range of export industries remains a challenge for most countries in the Middle East. The story was covered by Arab News.



ICAEW’s Economic Forecast for the UK in Q3 2014 shows economic growth dipping but remaining solid at 2.6%, although the UK remains the fastest growing G7 economy for 2014 and was featured in the Daily Telegraph and Yorkshire Post.


This month’s ICAEW/Grant Thornton’s UK Business Confidence Monitor, co-written by Cebr, was the subject of a number of articles in UK regional publications (The Courier, Portsmouth News, and Bristol Post) and Business Daily.


September’s BDO Business Trends, also produced in conjunction with Cebr, was covered by theDaily Telegraph and concluded that optimism is flooding back to the markets but uncertainty still remains a barrier to sustained economic recovery.


The FSB Small Business Index for Q3 produced by Cebr revealed record confidence levels among UK small businesses, as 61% of the businesses surveyed expect to grow in the next 12 months. The Financial Times and the Guardian discussed the findings of the report.


Cebr/YouGov’s Consumer Confidence monitor which found that property market fears have failed to dent consumer confidence was referred to in City AM.


In other news: 


ICAEW & Ketchum Icon were awarded the SABRE Gold award for the ICAEW Economic Insight’s‘Making Insights Matter’ report, which is produced in conjunction with Cebr.


This month Charles Davis, one of Cebr’s directors and ICAEW’S economic adviser, took part in awebinar during which he discussed the importance of political uncertainties and how close the Bank of England are to raising interest rates from their record low levels. Charles was joined by ICAEW’s Head of Corporate Communications and Media Relations, Simon Thompson.


Vicky Pryce, Chief Economic Adviser at Cebr will be speaking at the Battle of Ideas lecture series about Austerity Dilemmas on 18th October. Vicky Pryce also spoke at the Conservative Party Conference Fringe Event in Birmingham on redesigning manufacturing in the UK and the Labour Party Conference Fringe Events about the future of Europe, sponsored by the London office of the European Commission.


Cebr’s Executive Chairman, Douglas McWilliams, spoke to Ambrosetti Live about how Western nations can best respond to the challenge of emerging economies.

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