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August 1, 2015

Cebr in the News

DK This Week


Cebr’s analysis of this month’s economic developments in Greece:


Throughout July Cebr’s analysis of the continued economic crisis in Greece and the outcomes of a potential Grexit made headlines across the UK media. In particular, analysis by Danae Kyriakopoulou, a Senior Economist at Cebr and specialist on the Greek economy, was widely sought throughout the national media.


Danae was interviewed by Andrew Neil on the This Week programme, and on the BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme alongside Nobel Prize winning economist Alvin Roth. She also took part in a BBC World News debate with Roger Bootle and was interviewed on numerous occasions at the BBC and Sky News. On the 10th July she also appeared on the BBC News. At CNN Danae took part in a debate with economist Raoul Rupal and made three appearances on ‘The Business View with Nina dos Santos‘ show.


CNN 12.7 2 DK 3


Danae’s analysis had a global reach; she gave interviews with Bulgarian National Radio and Radio France International’s English service on the impact of a potential Greek/Eurozone deal on the Bulgarian economy. She also took part in interviews at TV Channel Russia 24 and South African Radio station CapeTalk with John MaythamDanae also took part in two interviews with CCTV America, along with three interviews at CNBC Africa.


Further, Danae was quoted by Bloomberg, City AM (x2) and MSN News.


Vicky Pryce, Cebr’s Chief Economic Adviser, was quoted in many outlets including the BBC, Japan’s By Line, the French, German and UK Huffington Post, the Guardian, and The Sunday Times, lending her view of the Greek debt crisis.


Vicky also wrote an article in the New Statesman and took part in interviews with the BBC (x2), CCTV America, BBC Radio Five Live, BBC Wales, Reuters, Al-jazeera, Dutch TV, CNN, the Richard Quest show, US Radio Show Market Place and Nieuwsuur.


Nina Skero, Economist at Cebr, was quoted commenting on the possible outcomes of last month’s Greek referendum in the Daily Mail.


Coverage of bespoke research:


Research analysing the economic benefits of mobile payments by Cebr and Zapp, which revealed that commuters spend over £9bn annually shopping while travelling was covered by City AM, the Belfast Telegraph and the Irish Examiner.


Research by Cebr and Skills Funding Agency which calculated that apprenticeships contribute £34bn per year to the UK economy was covered by BBC News and City AM.


A report by Match.com and Cebr which calculated that the online dating industry in the UK is worth £170 million was mentioned in the Daily Telegraph.


Research by Cebr and Citrix looking into the economic benefits of flexible working found that if it were somehow possible to get rid of commuting altogether, British workers would see a productivity boost worth around £12bn per year. The report was mentioned by the Economist.



Research by Cebr and Ford Motors celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Transit van revealed that van-dependant businesses contribute more than  €580bn to the French, German, and British economy. Nina Skero, author of the report was interviewed by BBC Breakfast.


BBC breakfast 4 NS BBC breakfast

Regular Cebr research:


Cebr and Killik & Co’s latest Private Education Index which saw the cost of private education rise by 3.7% last year – well above the rate of general inflation, was covered by  the Daily Telegraph, The Times and the Guardian. Cebr and Killik & Co’s report The Cost of Care in Later Life  which found that the average care home resident will die without ever becoming eligible to benefit from a cap on fees, was reported in the Daily Telegraph.


The latest YouGov and Cebr Consumer Confidence Index which rose in July, ahead of looming interest rate rises, was covered by City AM.



Findings from the Everline and Cebr’s Small Business Tracker which showed that revenues in London are forecast to increase by £160,000 by 2025, compared to the £65,000 increase expected in the North, were covered by the Daily Telegraph.


Cebr’s economic cost analysis of recent London tube strikes were featured by City AM, Bloomberg and the Daily Telegraph.


The latest Contribution of the arts and culture industry to the national economy report written by Cebr and Arts Council England which found that turnover of the sector grew 26% to £151bn in 2012-13, compared with 2010, was covered by the Financial Times.


Sam Alderson’s comments on findings from the most recent Asda Income Tracker about the uptake in family spending power, were covered by the Yorkshire Post and Daily Mail.


Coverage of Cebr’s macroeconomic analysis:


Scott Corfe’s prediction that house prices will continue to rise amid a shortage of supply was mentioned by  The Sunday Times, This is Money and City AM.


Cebr Economist, Nina Skero was quoted in City AM discussing the impact of thawing relations between the US and Iran on the international oil market sector. Nina’s comments regarding Cebr’s expectation for UK house prices to rise 4.7% in 2015 were quoted in City AM.


Commenting on the US GDP figures for Q2 2015, Economist Alasdair Cavalla was quoted in the the Financial Times, the Daily Telegraph and Guardian Business Blog.


Managing Economist Rob Harbron was quoted in the Scotsman commenting on Cebr’s expectation that CPI in the UK is set to rise in the coming months.


Analysis by Cebr in response to Chancellor George Osborne’s budget announcements earlier this month were covered by the Guardian and the Wall Street Journal.


In other news:


Nina Skero presented at the National Federation of ALMO Annual Conference, AGM and awards ceremony.




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