Flat White Economy book launch 2016 re-issue

24 Mar

To celebrate the re-issue of The Flat White Economy in paperback format Cebr are hosting a breakfast launch at Tech City UK, RUNWAY EAST, 10 FINSBURY SQUARE, LONDON, EC2A 1AF on 24th March from 8:30am.


The re-issue of this widely acclaimed book in paperback format includes an update of all the statistics and over 30% of the analysis from the hardback version released in 2014.


In late 2013 it cost as much to rent office space near Old Street Tube Station as it did to rent in the heart of the City of London.  As recently as 2007 it would have cost only a quarter as much. The ‘Flat White Economy’ of media, marketing, cultural, tech and finance that make up today’s digital economy has colonised this area and it’s changing the face of London.


What brings the industries together is the synergy they bring to each other. And there is a lifestyle associated with this new economy, epitomised by the ‘Flat White Coffee’ order but also involving clubbing, bicycles and eating out. It’s a far cry from the Ferraris, champagne and lap dancing that characterised the worst excesses of the City of London.


The Flat White Economy has given a kick forward to the London economy just at the time when the decline of banking and the City might have been expected to rebalance the UK economy away from London towards the other parts of the country.


Instead, London is growing far more rapidly than the rest of the UK again and London house prices are rising many times faster


In his book, renowned economist Douglas McWilliams digs behind the façade to look for the key driving forces behind this new economy and speculates around how it will develop.


Using this analysis of the driving forces, the book then goes on to answer the question as to what extent the Flat White Economy concept could be transferred to other parts of the UK.


It considers the consequences for the whole of the UK of economic growth with a very strong bias towards a single area like London, which is already the administrative and cultural capital of the country, and reaches important conclusions as to whether this excessive concentration is beneficial.


Alongside breakfast, attendees will be treated to presentations from senior members of the Cebr team including Cebr’s President Douglas McWilliams.


If you would like to apply for an invitation please write to Eva at echaralambous@cebr.com or call 0207 324 2863.